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Dr Matt Cucolo

Allergy Relief

Allergy Relief

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Allergy Season is upon us and for many that means total devastation. Nothing worse that walking around with a box of Kleenex in our back pockets with no relief in sight! Over the counters (OTC) barely touch ‘em while simultaneously and insidiously often contribute to the vicious cycle! If you still don’t know, we have utilized a homerun “Allergy Relief Protocol” (SEE BELOW) for many years and our patients swear by it for not only symptom relief but view it as a must have in their prevention too!

Inflammation is a natural response of the body to injury, infection, or allergy. Inflammation helps protect and repair the body, but in excess can cause damage to the body by harming its own cells. The inability of the body to manage inflammatory levels of special proteins (called prostaglandins and cytokines) causing immune hyperactivity is one of the challenges that we face in modern society. There are more allergens than ever, causing inflammation to burden the body as it is attempting to seek balance. Usually by age 40, there are chronic elevated inflammatory levels resulting in joint and muscle conditions as well.

So how do we reduce Inflammation?

The ability to buffer acidity (pH) through proper ionic calcium/magnesium and general mineral supplementation is one of the most important ways to support our body. By keeping the body alkaline and balanced we may reduce in the inflammatory responses resulting from acidosis (abnormal condition of excess acid in the body). *Please do not confuse and conflate this with the pH of our stomach!

We must free the body of its chronic immune burdens, especially that of allergies. Many environmental allergies that we suffer from are actually secondary allergies being driven by primary allergic responses, principally to foods. It has always been obvious in clinical practice that when basic food allergies are eliminated, environmental sensitivities vanish! For example, by eliminating a food allergy like milk or wheat, it often eliminates an environmental allergy such as an allergy to cats or dogs. The basic four food allergies are wheat, milk, corn, and soy (followed by beef, tomato, peanut, chocolate). A hypo-antigenic diet consists of eliminating these eight foods. Indeed these basic food allergies could actually be called ‘allergy engines’ that up-regulate the entire inflammatory system.

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