About Dr. Matt Cucolo

As a second-generation chiropractor and functional doctor for over 16 years, my patients call me “The Natural Doc.” I run a clinic with my father in Wolcott, Connecticut. We aim to offer my patients a life-changing experience. We receive 300 patients a week and remain booked for months.

My Story

Humble Beginnings

My father and uncle are Doctors of Chiropractic known as ‘miracle workers.’ From a young age, I wanted to be a heart surgeon, until, one day, I spoke to a heart surgeon I was interning for. I asked him what it was like to help people and whether it’d be a good option for me? He told me “Matt, I’m a plumber who plumbs the heart,” and I could be so much more. He made me believe that I didn’t need to be somebody who ‘fixes’ things; I could be someone who prevents things from needing to be fixed. 

Becoming a Doctor

I was 22 when that realization hit, and I became a Chiropractic Doctor at 26. Since then, I’ve never looked back. My uncle and father took the path ‘less traveled,’ and I did the same. They were ahead of their time, and their courage inspired me to forge my own path.

Alternative pathways to heal

A traditional doctor prescribes drugs and can push for sometimes unnecessary surgery, whereas I will prescribe whole foods, herbs, homeopathy, and lifestyle changes to empower you to make better lifestyle and healthcare choices.

Explore Health Plans

You don’t need to feel helpless about your healthcare anymore.

I created this website for your education; let’s together build a strong community of like-minded people interested in natural solutions.